Just Me & Pride is all about my achievements in life where I wanted to record down so that when I look back from the future I was able to recall what I’ve been through. In this little platform I also would like to share to others a little short stories to encourage something good about life.

I am just an ordinary person who work a full time job like everybody else and I don’t have a fancy life. My first flight encounter was when I was 23, then I started travelling when I was 24. And when I started to take charge to be independent I was already late 26. My life seems to be ‘outdated’ but aging is not the reason to stop learning when you still have time on earth.

Traveling has been a thing that I look forward to everyday after I started to pick up my interest in photography. At first I only take pictures, now I play with video and eventually bursting the storage in my hard disk!

Currently I own a Canon 70D, Lumix FZ1000 and a Canon G5X. My skills aren’t as good as a professional but it helps me to capture moments and my timeline which is good enough for me.

Please visit my instagram (@justme_and_pride) and my YouTube channel (@jazmynblog) and do drop by my blog to read about my little stories.



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