Strangers Encounter #8

The Goblin co-star Lee Dong Wook was having a Press Conference in town. I was waiting alone inside Plaza Singapura entrance, where I heard people speaking in Cantonese behind me. Out of curiosity I turned around and saw an aunty and uncle, they were wondering what people are waiting for.

So I replied them in Cantonese that a Korean star is here and the conversation went on. They were here for a holiday, they lived in Perth for 40 years and they got 3 sons. Uncle said he wanted to take a picture for his son who loves Korean drama. (Which parents would attend these events for their kids?!)

They were so patient in waiting even though the wait took more than an hour! We kept each other company and exchanged contacts so that we could keep in touch again when they come visit or I go travel.

I was impressed by the way the uncle treating the wife is so loving, so patient, so understanding. The uncle would initiate to hold aunty’s hand when they were walking and a little gesture of putting his hand on her waist to lead her to other direction. It was a lovely sight in front of my eyes.

15th April 2017


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