My Story in Austria – Hallstat

I had been seeing this place for quite some time now, some of my friends had been there and I was glad that it’s my turn to take the most picturesque spot for my page cover XD

Hallstat – a small village by the Lake Hallstatt declared a World Unesco World Heritage Site. I thought it was due to the heritage houses there but it was for the whole area.

What surprises me was it was also a salt mining village. I didn’t know until I did research on it.

The drive to Hallstatt from Salzburg was about one and a half hour journey and it was a pleasant drive. The journey passes by St Wolfgangsee Lake and a few higher ground landscape allows me to sight an overview of the towns and it was beautiful.

The whole scenery was like a painting of green and brown relaxing the eyes especially for us that work on the computer most of the time.

We were blessed with nice weather sunny day all afternoon. We parked our car at the hotel and just walk around the village freely. My advice is to book as early as possible because Everyday the hotels were fully booked! I wanted to stay in the centre of the village but it was all fully booked. So I got some place further down thankfully it was just a 10 minutes walk.

When we were having lunch we were introduced to Hallstatt Fish which is from the lake itself. I didn’t know about the fish until I dine in hahaha. It was delicious.

And the Hallstatt Beer as well. Food discovery for me. 

There were a few activities to do in Hallstatt for example the salt mining tour, the bone museum, a church to visit but all we did was shopping. Ladies Favourite pass time right? For me is taking pictures and video non stop. Basically I am tired Everyday and I feel like I am working instead of having a holiday. But it was all worth it because I was with my family.

Hallstatt view from the opposite side of the lake

I would love to come back again in the future.


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