My Story in Austria – Salzburg

It start when we all woke up at 3am in Salzburg. The sky was still dark. I couldn’t sleep well the first night. I was 6 hours behind Singapore time.

Mom and granny started to prepare breakfast and we were already out by 630am.

Monchsberg Hill

There’s a place I wanted to go where The Sound of Music filming location was but the GPS got us up here and the next thing I realised we’re on a hiking trail.

And the trail led us to the most beautiful sight of the city. 7am local time the sun is already shining brightly over the city. The place was quiet, only a few people passing by doing their morning exercise.

It was difficult to find a carpark in town. All the street side carpark allows you to park your car for two hours with the ticket machine. So if you want to stay longer you need to come back every two hours to pay for the ticket. Euro 2 per hour. City garage parking is available too, pay when you exit Euro3 per hour.

Mirabell Garden

Remember The Sound of Music where Maria taking the children outside and taught them to sing Do Re Mi? This is the place where they dancing around the Pegasus Fountain.

Below is where they sing the last part of the song with Maria hit the high key note.

It was a memorable journey visiting the film location of the famous movie that my Father make me watch.

Most of the sightseeing places are in the central, it can be easily reach on foot. From Mirabell Garden we walked to Old Town crossing a pedestrian bridge over the river. And not surprisingly to see locks on the bridge. Haha. It’s a trend thing all around the world.

A short walk after the bridge and across the street will bring you to a stretch of pedestrian mall with all the favourite brand like Zara, swavoski, H&M and etc at Griesgasse street.

On the next street at Getreidegasse street, you will find Mozart’s birth place at No9 which is now a museum.

It’s hard to miss it because it will be hard to unnotice the attention the building brings.

We had a short break at Cafe Tomaselli at Alter Market.

To be honest I was lost of direction because I don’t have data with me but somehow as I walked I found myself near to Residenzplatz where the Horse Bath fountain is where Maria singing “I have a confidence in me” she splash water from the bath.

The huge Salzburg Cathedral is surrounded by 3 squares; Residenzplatz, Domplatz and Kapitelplatz.

If you are standing in front of the Cathedral from Residenzplatz, Domplatz is at your northeast position.

Kapitelplatz will then be in the north direction behind the Cathedral.

The Old Town of Salzburg declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 1996 but since the movie The Sound of Music in the 60s it was already known as famous tourist attraction.

The movie also take place in several other locations such as Hellbrunn Garden where the glass Gazebo is.

I wish I could go back to 16 going on 17

Thank you sunlight for this beautiful picture

The next story will be about Hallstatt. Stay tune!


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