My Story in Germany – Inzell

Finally my holiday arrived! I’ve been waiting for this day to come for another holiday and this time my mom and po po (grandmother) were in the trip with me to Europe! It was their first time to Europe and I am actually glad mom agreed to this trip because she’s a person that cannot take long hours flight and nothing would make her comfortable. Anyway, I just got back from the trip few day ago and now it’s time to tell you guys the story.

This holiday we decided to go Austria and Czech Republic and we were flying with Singapore Airlines directly to Munich and then we’ll be driving. The flight ticket cost SGD1211.50 which is ideal and considering flying with the national carrier, it would be cheaper flying with Emirates but we want to avoid the transit for convenience, and better for the elderly to fly direct.

12.5 hours of flying, we took out at 1230am on the 10th of May. It was a smooth sailing throughout the flight, I got some sleep and managed to watch 2 movies on board and the rest of the time I was filming my vlog.


Since we started our journey midnight, I get to watch sunrise on board which is very amazing. It’s not everyday you get to watch sunrise on the plane. Usually I would still be sleeping on my bed at this time.

Another exciting thing I saw; there were 2 other planes flying in a distance and I caught them in my vlog. I’ve been flying for quite some time now I don’t usually see other planes when I’ve above the clouds and I always wonder how the aeroplane route operates but this time I get to see a rare sight of 2 planes in the air. (please watch my vlog if you want to see it)

We landed in Munich Airport Terminal 2 at 7am.


We were received with nice sunny day and cool weather. I was worried that the forecast show it gonna be raining and cold, it was relieving when the sun is shining so bright and the sky is clear.

I made a booking for car rental with Europcar, initially I booked an Audi but the officer told us that in the policy their luxury cars are not allow into Czech Republic so she gave us a Ford instead.


We stopped by a petrol station to get a toll sticker required in Austria’s highway, cost Euro8.90 for ten days. And while I’m at the petrol station, I saw they had 3 slots machines at a corner. I never seen slots machines in a petrol station before!


Driving from Munich to Salzburg takes around one and a half hours but after some research and review, it is recommended to take a detour scenic route through Inzell, Schnelzlreuth and Berchtesgaden while passing by Lake Chiemsee. So I entered into the GPS the address I found on Google Map – no result found. =.=” The only thing I found was typing Inzell instead. The route passes by Lake Chiemsee but we need to exit the highway in order to get there, so I gave up and drove directly to Inzell.


Inzell is a district Traunstein of Bavaria in Germany, located west of Salzburg which has a small population but it is surrounded with beautiful mountains and scenery.

IMG_4413.JPG IMG_9513.JPG



Our first day in Europe mostly are travelling from Munich to Salzburg. Although it was a nice weather but we didn’t manage to get around Salzburg. We arrived in our Airbnb about 3pm and we couldn’t find any places nearby for lunch. We ended up cooking in our Airbnb and rest for the rest of the day.

On a record, I finished up 2 G5X batteries while filming in the plane and did some time-lapse in the vlog. If you are watching the vlog there’s a part where the sun was slowly moving downwards, so the day here is going really slow. The sun set was about 830pm. We all got to bed at 7pm and the sun was still very bright outside. It was really a good time to travel to Europe in May.

Links for the Vlog :

For more photos please to go my Instagram :

Thanks for visiting my blog and read. Stay tune for the next one.


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