Strangers Encounter #5

20 year old Alisa from the US, she was sitting in the living room of the guesthouse we shared together, with her light dinner or bread and tuna. I can’t help stop noticing her since the atmosphere was telling me she was alone. After I settle down my stuff I went to approach her and started to talk to her and I found something very interesting about her. She’s a half of a American and a Japanese and she is fluent in her Japanese. As our conversation goes on I found that she is a brave girl who dares to travel alone quietly in Iceland. I admire girls who dares to travel alone and I hope to do so one day. I was really amazed a 20 year old girl who decided to take a solo holiday before starting school. I wasn’t even allowed to go to shopping mall alone when I was 20. I am glad that I made a friend in this trip and I enjoyed the rest of my evening talking to her over dinner. Not sure when will I get to see her again since we both were located opposite side of the world but I am sure we will someday.

23 Sept 2016 – Grundarfjour, Iceland


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