Strangers Encounter #3

Fremantle – aka Freo, a city near Perth in the Western Australia, they called themselves Freo people. It’s the second time I visited the city so I wanted to do a time lapse at Cappucino Strip where it’s famous for alfresco style cafes and restaurants. And the locals love to enjoy their coffee time here, I thought it would be nice if I could capture the atmosphere.

It’s a two way street at Cappucino Strip with a divider of plants between the road. I went to stand on the divider, placed my tripod and camera and started shooting. Passers by watched me as I was standing alone doing my stuff, a little awkward but it’s fine.

There this red car driving driving towards me with his window down and started to stick out his arm and then he waived at my camera and greeted “Welcome To Freo” with a smile.

Thank you for the warm welcome Freo man, it comfort my awkwardness.

9 August 2016 – Fremantle, Australia


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